Meet Ben Lowe – our Easter egg bunny!

March 28, 2018

Meet Ben Lowe – our Easter egg bunny!

There is no Easter without the eggs. White or brown, big or small, spotted or plain, chocolate or not – Ben Lowe’s Cooper’s hill farm chicken or duck eggs are truly eggcellent! Every Wednesday he kindly delivers the free-range fresh eggs to St Michaels and they really make a difference to our pastries, pastas and cakes with their rich orange coloured yolks!

Cooper’s Hill – a family run supplier of quality eggs, established in 2003.

Cooper’s Hill started in a small field just below the famous annual Cheese Roll, with a handful of free range chickens and ducks. They produce the eggs that were delivered to the few houses at the base of the hill. The eggs were enjoyed so much that word of mouth spread and we quickly realised more hens were needed.
Business grew through the years as Ben’s family did.

The company is  no longer based at Cooper’s Hill but it continues to delver free range eggs to the locals.