Bistro and restaurant.

Simple seasonal classics, lovingly prepared.

Oozing Cotswold character and charm, with dressed stone, exposed beams and wood burner, the beautifully restored ground floor is home to St Michael’s bistro restaurant run by experienced chef Marin Petre and his wife Catalina.

For the past 13 years Marin and Catalina have run the Bistro at The Cross, Marin as chef and Catalina front of house. With the closing of Cardynham House and the Bistro they are delighted to have been given the opportunity to take over the restaurant at St Michael’s.

Catalina explains that the dishes will be of “Marin’s style”, simple European and traditional English food prepared and cooked on the premises. With a wealth of impressive experience as a chef behind him, Marin is passionate about his food, always using fresh ingredients and aiming to make eating in his restaurant a truly satisfying and happy experience. He wants his customers to really enjoy his food. The dining room is having a lovely new look which, says Marin, will be “Catalina’s style” – simple and clean with delightful touches including fresh flowers and soft lighting for a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. As well as the interior area customers are also able to dine outside if they choose with tables both at the front and at the rear with heating provided when necessary.

Marin and Catalina have become very much respected and appreciated in Painswick for their culinary skills and outstanding service. They are an excellent team, professional and focussed, dedicated and full of enthusiasm for the restaurant. Their customers are definitely the beneficiaries of such a positive attitude. They have lived in Painswick now for 16 years and, says Catalina, they love living and working within the community, regarding Painswick as their true home.

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