Meet our fantastic Lisa!

September 25, 2018


“It is good people who make good places.”  Anna Sewell, Black Beauty


St Michael’s would not be what it is without our staff. They are the heartbeat. The energy. The passion. The knowledge. The compassion.

Meet Lisa – probably the first person you see when you come over to our place:

Lisa grew up in Painswick and love this village with all her heart. That’s why the choice to work in St Michael’s came naturally.
She’s our local sun – always bright and smiley.

A people pleaser at heart Lisa finds the ultimate job satisfaction is a busy, buzzy shift featuring happy customers and friends.

“Been given a wonderful opportunity to work locally with my neighbours, I can balance my work and social life. I am a people person and love to socialise so working in the restaurant I get to meet many new faces and locals.”
– Lisa ‘Lei’ Smith