Meet our supplier: L Taylor and Sons

October 8, 2018
Nights are getting longer and temperature drops; we are facing soon coming winter and craving for warmth and comfort. It is natural to include meatier hearty dishes to your menu at this time of year. So we follow the seasonal changes and cooking more roasts, stews and stakes, which are always juicy, delicious and full of flavour. Our secret – always use the best meat. That’s why for many years our suppler’s been “L Taylor & Sons” butchers from Minchinhampton.



The history of the butcher’s shop on The Cross probably starts in the late 1600s. The first confirmed date is 1718 with the butchers’ shop and slaughterhouse having been left in the will of one Thomas Hill to his son in law, indicating that the business was already established by that time.

For nearly a century “L Taylor and Sons” has been supplying the highest quality fayre to discerning customers. In ensuring this, they take particular care and attention at every single stage from the farm to the shopping basket, including speciality breed selection, demanding high animal welfare values and last but not least meat maturing and trimming to the highest standards.  “L Taylor and Sons”  sources a variety of beef, pork, lamb and poultry from local farmers. This is the way  to get the best products for customers and to contribute to the local economy and work towards the reduction of the carbon foot print of our products.


“Our extra efforts in sourcing and preparing our meats have time and again proven to be behind their truly distinctive quality and taste”,– Mark Robinson.

The results from these extra efforts were expressed in Taylors being awarded a Cotswold Life Butcher of the year.

Find more about  “L Taylor & Sons”  at their official website.