Modern Russian Art at St Michael’s – Meet Guzel Mardanshina.

October 2, 2018


We are passionate about art, and we love to discover new names while supporting new artists.
This Autumn, StMichael’s is proud to introduce you something completely different regarding paintings and illustrations:
Meet Guzel Mardanshina, the Russian artist from Milton Keynes.


Guzel is an artist from Moscow, Russia who now lives in Milton Keynes
In 2007 she graduated from Saint_Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts with a degree in the study of art, as an art expert.
Having been involved in the history of Soviet post-cards, Guzel maintained a graduation thesis on that subject and holds an extensive collection.

Guzel taught painting and the history of World Art in a private art academy but now dedicates herself entirely to being an artist.

her artwork was exhibited around Russia, part of that artwork is now found in the private clients’ collections.

An artist works in different styles, genres and techniques. She likes to experiment with materials combining traditional oil paint, watercolour, acrylic paint, pastel, coal, ink, pencil and gel pens using anything at hand. Some of her work is done in nail-varnish, building paint, lipstick, vegetable juice and many others various substances.

Amongst the artist’s work, you may find big canvases, fine graphic art, fairy tale illustrations, greeting cards, interior ceramics, silk painting and various sketches including designs for metal forging products.

All types of work are associated with aestheticism and unique outlook. The beauty of lines and the fine play of colours fascinates and forces into the close observation of Guzel’s artwork.